The teachers at Learn to Excel Reading take a traditional and inclusive approach to teaching in order to prepare students for success in their chosen path. Our teachers are focussed on developing young minds, broadening horizons and helping students grow into confident adults. At Learn to Excel Reading we believe teaching is more than about subject content. We strive to develop self-motivation and independent learning skills in our students.

Our Aim

We start with core subjects and gradually build on those early learning experiences. We aim to boost the confidence and motivation of our students thus encouraging them to work harder and diligently in order to full their ambition and goals.

Learn to Excel Reading works in partnership with parents to assist them to help their children achieve their learning goals.

What we do

  • Preparation for GCSEs: We follow the national curriculum for AQA, OCR and Edexcel exam boards.

  • Preparation for KS3 Maths, Science and English for wider conceptual understanding of the key subjects following the full national curriculum.

  • Prepare KS2 and SATs exams (full national curriculum), to build strong core skills in Maths and English.

  • Prepare students for 11+ and private schools’ exams.

  • KS1 – Focus children on the three ‘R’s (Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic), helping them to built their confidence and foundation for future learning.

  • We create programs in order to boost a child’s knowledge in the subjects they study thus building confidence and interest in their chosen subject.

  • Our programs are delivered simultaneously online for distant learners and on the premises for local learners.

  • Students are required to attend one 60-minute session per week for each subject. In addition to this compulsory teaching, students will also be invited to support sessions as a supplement to their learning.

  • We provide intensive support during the summer holidays to allow children to consolidate their learning.

How does it work

  • Assessment of a child’s current knowledge and skills.

  • Further ongoing assessments to establish areas for further development.

  • Provision of study materials and appropriate resources.
  • Students complete their work with the help of the books and printouts provided.
  • Students are encouraged to develop self-study skills and become independent learners.
  • Ready access to dedicated teachers.
  • We expect parents of online students to provide their children with access to the internet and a device which includes a webcam and headset.

Study Skills

We assist students to not only master a curricula but also help them with study skills such as:

  • Rapid note taking

  • Writing and understanding case studies

  • Exam skills

  • Understanding and crafting diagrams relevant to the subject matter

  • Taking study breaks

  • Brainstorming

  • Group discussion

These are some of the study skills that students are encouraged to embrace and adopt as transferable skill which they can apply to other subjects and higher studies in future.

Our Journey

Learn To Excel Reading started its journey in 2009. With the success of a handful of students came recognition. We did not advertise formally and relied on ‘word of mouth’ recommendations. Very soon our accommodation became insufficient for the number of students we were being asked to tutor. In 2016 we moved to our current premises, Prince of Wales house. We are very proud to say that all our students come through recommendation. The majority of our students joining us from KS2 or higher undertake their primary and secondary education with Learn to Excel Reading and leave after completing their GCSEs.

Covid-19 Approach

At Learn to Excel Reading teaching has always been undertaken beyond the classroom. We use technology and social media to supplement the learning process for individual students, especially during exam preparations. Our rapid use and development of online learning resources has enabled us to progress and continue during the Covid-19 pandemic providing a safe learning environment for our students.


We employ some of our former students to assist in teaching and mentoring our KS2, KS3 and GCSEs students. These young adults talk from first-hand experience about their achievements and their learning journey with Learn to Excel Reading. It helps the KS3 students prepare for what to expect when they choose their GCSE subjects. Even KS3 children are given the opportunity to help the younger children which helps to boost their confidence and consolidate their learning helping them to build strong foundations.

Volunteering for Duke of Edinburgh Awards

From time to time we have Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteers join the Learn to Excel Reading team. It provides them with opportunities to become involved in a teaching environment as well as providing an enriching experience for our students.